What We Offer

Nicholas Price Studio specializes in art, sculpture and design for every environment 
Nicholas A. Price is an international and acclaimed master fine-art photographer, sculptor and painter. A certificate or statement of authenticity is included with every acquisition and is individually signed by the artist.
The hardwoods used are not from trees felled from a protected rain forest but are American tree woods acquired as a result of natural causes such as weather or retirement.
Nicholas Price is also known for creating contemporary and environmentally sensitive sculptures with recycled or reclaimed materials
Included in these unique designs are crystals and agates that enhance the synergy of the artwork and wellbeing experience of the environment. Each piece is an energy generator which is designed to create a meditative, peaceful and overall wellness experience, with important links to prosperity and power.

Meet Our Team

Learn about the professionals who make up our talented and experienced creative team 
Nicholas A. Price
Nicholas A. Price
Principal Designer and Artist
Grace Price
Grace Price
Lead Metaphysical Consultant
Zaida Lily Price
Zaida Lily Price
Energy Consultant
Power Figure
Sphere Lamps
Unveiling Our Legacy of Excellence
Every single piece of art and sculpture created by Nicholas A. Price is unique – one of a kind – the only one in existence – created with his own hands. This arrives with an enduring commitment to excellence and innovation - a hallmark of our creative organization and values that reflect the moral compass directing every decision and action, underpinning a dedication to a creative core.